Blockchain Carbon Credit

Carbon Credit Token

Carbon credits represented via tokens on a blockchain are represented by digital tokens. Once you mint carbon credit tokens, they are distributed to consumers who could be polluters or carbon emitters—for example, the energy industry .

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts help you mint, burn, and distribute carbon credit tokens. Besides, they also boost the buying/selling and trading of carbon tokens on exchanges.

Secondary Markets

A secondary market or a carbon credit trading platform is a marketplace where you can buy/sell or trade carbon credits. The exchange is fortified with market-leading features and lets traders enjoy the smooth exchange and trading of tokens.


A carbon credit is a data-driven concept and makes use of multiple approval procedures that exist separately but are correlated to one another. Thus, it can perfectly be targeted by Verity One technology. Verity uses a digital ledger in which the transactions (consisting of unique keys) are recorded in an orderly manner and reside in the public domain. It has the capability to increase transparency, accuracy, and trustworthiness in the realm of carbon credit.