Problems we solve

Today, retailers (on- and off-line) and manufacturers permeate global markets. Equally robust are the millions of brands, producers, growers, and suppliers delivering millions of products and services to manufacturers, producers, and their customers every day. Countries, manufacturers, and producers put their reputations on the line with every product or service produced showcasing unsupported Country of Origin, Religious.

Marketing, or other Scientific Claims such as Made-in or Product-of USA, Kosher and Halal Certifications, New/Improved, Sugar-free, Reduced Fat, Non-GMO, Organic, and more. Currently, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers rely on supply chains to confirm their Country of Origin and other marketing claims without any form of secondary authentication.

Verity One Ltd. is the leading third-party, independent supply chain verification company. Verity ensures that any Country of Origin or other marketing claims on a product is validated with supporting documentation. These records of authentication are made available through our Verity One™ blockchain, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things technology system,

VerityChain™, for the appropriate governmental organizations, retailers, and consumers who may question the legitimacy of any country of origin or marketing claim. Additionally, consumers can cross-reference marketing claim legitimacy by accessing Verity’s Generally Accepted Marketing and Certification Standards (GAMCS™), our shared database of criteria and standards of testing for any marketing claim.

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