Blockchain Application Development and Proof of Concept

Being an early adopter of Blockchain technology, we have gained huge expertise in building high-quality,
scalable distributed applications and customized protocols.
We specialized in Proof of Concept (POC) development and we have successfully developed multiple POCs to date across various industries.

Mockups are then passed on to the software engineering team. They develop POC applications from mockups which validates the navigational experience. During Proof Of Concept Development, Sofocle’s team focuses on the core concept of the Blockchain application to demonstrate the idea to the potential users of the application.

Verity One allows you to explore the application of Blockchain technology to solve real business challenges. With an experienced team standing by, you can safely test out new ideas and create digital POCs for lesser cost and time, compare to what it would take to do it yourself.

One of the most important elements in Proof of Concept application development is the pace at which the testing team can turn around the POC. With the experience of working with many SMEs, Sofocle knows the significance of POC and works towards building the quickest POC possible using the best of agile development methodology.