Verity One Ltd.


Commands a preeminent position as an impartial and autonomous institution, presenting an exhaustive spectrum of third-party verification services within the expanse of the supply chain domain. Our paramount goal is to fortify the integrity of your merchandise through a thorough evaluation of marketing declarations. This encompassing assessment spans pivotal factors, including Country of Origin, Religious affiliations, Organic categorization, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) adherence, Carbon Credit assertions, and serving as a referee in validating claims.

Elevated by deploying our cutting-edge Verity One Blockchain technology, we herald an era of transparency hitherto unparalleled. This monumental stride augments consumer awareness and profoundly benefits governmental entities, manufacturers, producers, retailers, shareholders and stakeholders.

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Augmenting our foundational repertoire of services, we also provide certification to corporate entities and their offerings, contingent upon the bedrock of their ethical doctrines and operational methodologies. These enterprises are judiciously categorized through consensus-driven validation by duly verified participants. They are identified as champions of Social Justice, classifiable under the "WOKE" nomenclature, or proponents of Traditional Values, designated as "AWAKE."

In alignment with our commitment to unerring transparency, we furnish exhaustive reports detailing their political postures, business comportment, and claims validation. By electing to join forces with Verity One Ltd., you conscript an entity steadfast in its pursuit of delivering resolute and meticulous supply chain verification services. This dynamic alliance arms you with the requisite arsenal to make astute choices regarding your product preferences while relying on our objective judgment as a referee in the claims verification process.