Hyperledger and Blockchain

Verity One is a leading Hyperledger Blockchain development company good for enterprise-grade Blockchain deployment for businesses across different industry verticals. Hyperledger Blockchain experts at Verity have the dexterity to create a cutting-edge enterprise ecosystem that allows transparent, secure, and auditable transactions.

With expertise in Hyperledger Fabric, sawtooth, and similar other frameworks, our Hyperledger application development team has helped businesses develop robust and valuable dApps in a quicker and, of course, risk-free way. The main idea is to help as many businesses as possible by enabling enterprise-grade business solutions using Hyperledger frameworks, tools, and libraries. Our team aims to deliver the best solutions on everything related to Hyperledger, whether for developing permitted blockchains or future-ready DApps.

The development process is a bit more complex than it sounds. As a result, you should leave the complexities with us as our in-house team of dedicated Hyperledger development experts has the right tools to build the most complex development frameworks, such as Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Burrow, and so on, all of which you can read on right below. And, yes, all the development procedures are carried out with the help of specialized software tools, the solutions delivered via Verity One are as transparent as they come. Not only in the Shipping and Logistics department, but we also have years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry as well for delivering the most robust solutions built by our team of experts with the courtesy of Hyperledger. 


The fabric framework offers a strong foundation for secure enterprise-level environments. A team of experts at Verity One is skilled at developing permissioned Blockchain networks for enterprises by leveraging the framework smart contract functionality and adaptable consensus protocols

Hyperledger Sawtooth

The sawtooth framework supports the development, deployment, and running of distributed ledgers. The framework is a decent choice for developing multi-purpose Blockchain networks and hybrid applications. These applications allow data traceability, swapping pluggable consensus protocols while processing time-efficient transactions parallelly


This framework provides businesses with a permissioned smart contract interpreter and is designed as per the specifications of VRTY protocol this framework to develop permissioned Blockchain network.

Indy Dev

The Indy framework offers components for developing independent decentralized identities.  Verity's team of experts uses Indy to create digital identities as per the design and privacy-protection and interoperability